Thursday, July 17, 2014

Author Feature at HEI! Books

The interview

HeiBooks: How long have you been writing this book?
Sara: It took me about 8 yrs to write this book. It was a hobby project that I worked on while attending college, starting a family and a career. I had to go on bed rest when I was pregnant with my two year old son so I finished it. I never intended to publish it but my mom encouraged me to do so. I'm sure glad I did!
HeiBooks: Wow...that's a lot of time! Mom's are always right! And how did you have the idea to write this kind of book?
Sara: I have been interested in outdoors and survival type activities for a long time. In college I had to do a paper for class and I chose to research a local dam proposal and look at the repercussions of that dam being put in. I found out it was a very bad idea for Sacramento so I started thinking what if tragedy struck not just Sacramento but the world. What would we do? What would I do if I was away from my family when it happened? I just kept developing a story around that basis and Day After Disaster was born.
HeiBooks: In this period a lot of writers choose this kind of "plot"...Why? (In your opinion)
Sara: I think many authors are choosing this type of genre because humans in general are aware of more natural disasters taking place in the world. Could just be that we are more informed about them or that there really is an increase. Plus, deep down we realize there may be too many people on this planet and we live on a very finite system. Eventually we will have to come to terms with that. Also, there is very little trust in the political systems that are in place in the world. It seems a lot of people are waiting for the ball to drop, for disaster to strike. That may be why this topic is both interesting to write and read about.
HeiBooks: I agree with you...It sounds intresting! Just another question...We made it to all of ours writers: do you think everyone can become a writer?
Sara: Interesting question. My first answer would be yes. Anyone could become a writer, all it takes is imagination and a want to do it. Anyone can become a writer but not everyone has the perseverance to finish what they start, to read and reread their work to make sure it is comprehensive, to work through publishing issues and then spend the time learning to be their own marketer. So, anyone can write but not everyone can be an established author.
HeiBooks: We would like to thank you for the time dedicated to us!
Sara: Thank you too!

Sara F. Hathaway
Sara F. Hathaway is the author of the The Changing Earth Series: Day After Disaster and Without Land. She also hosts The Changing Earth Podcast which blends her fictional stories with educational survival tips. Sara grew up in the country where she developed a profound interest in the natural world around her. After graduating with honors from The California State University of Sacramento with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, she launched into a career in business management. In her fictional novels her research and experience with survival techniques and forgotten life-sustaining methods of the generations past come to the forefront in a action packed adventures. She has used her background in business management to pave new roads for fictional authors to follow and she delights in helping other achieve the same success. She currently lives with her husband and two sons in California where she is at work on the sequel to her first two novels. For more information and a free copy of “The Go-Bag Essentials” featuring everything you need to have to leave your home in a disaster visit:
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