Sunday, August 31, 2014

3 Don't Miss Labor Day Events

Happy Labor Day!

Don't miss out on these great Labor Day Events featuring 

Sara F. Hathaway and Day After Disaster.


Virtual Book Tour 

Head on over to to learn about all the self-growth tips you can gain from this survival novel. We will discuss positive attitudes to survive those stressful time, putting things in perspective and much more.

At you will discover unique, powerful, and smart ways to grow your “self” through blog articles, books, online programs and courses. The blog author's first book, “No Problem. The Upside of Saying No,” is a handbook for those who struggle to take care of themselves, feel exhausted, resentful and never have a moment for their own priorities. The book guides the reader to understand what lies beyond the deep reluctance to say “I’m so sorry, this time I can’t help”. It’s filled with stories, anecdotes, solid research, helpful practical tips, and a very effective and powerful tool called EFT, to shift the reluctance and reduce stress.

 Author Interview

Then head on over to the Monday Morning RED HOT Teliseminar Series for an audio interview with Sara F. Hathaway as she discusses Day After Disaster. She explains details of the book's creation and her inspirations will be revealed! Hear Sara F. Hathaway's Author Interview

Sara F. Hathaway Contributes to 

In an effort to assist authors everywhere, Sara's article on conducting your own Virtual Book Tour will be featured on  We will discuss how to set up and conduct your own tour to launch your book into the next dimension. If have been following Sara on her Virtual Book Tour Journey and want tips on how to do it yourself. This is the place to be! Sara F. Hathaway
Sara F. Hathaway is the author of the The Changing Earth Series: Day After Disaster and Without Land. She also hosts The Changing Earth Podcast which blends her fictional stories with educational survival tips. Sara grew up in the country where she developed a profound interest in the natural world around her. After graduating with honors from The California State University of Sacramento with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, she launched into a career in business management. In her fictional novels her research and experience with survival techniques and forgotten life-sustaining methods of the generations past come to the forefront in a action packed adventures. She has used her background in business management to pave new roads for fictional authors to follow and she delights in helping other achieve the same success. She currently lives with her husband and two sons in California where she is at work on the sequel to her first two novels. For more information and a free copy of “The Go-Bag Essentials” featuring everything you need to have to leave your home in a disaster visit:
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