Monday, December 1, 2014

Book Review: Ambient Light, An Angel McKenzie Thriller, by: Lorraine Adair

All and all I really liked this book and read half of it (the end) in one night. It had a good flow, the writing was clear and easy to follow. For me personally, it was a little to sexually oriented but it added to the story in many ways. It was a fun quick read that kept me hooked.

The story follows a photographer, Angel, who is at the wrong place at the wrong time. She gets involved in a police investigation and becomes an item of interest to the perpetrator and the detective in charge of the investigation. Her character is very well plotted out. She is a no nonsense, honest and light-hearted individual with her career at the top of her list of priorities. The story is written not only from her point of view but also from different characters in the story as well. It gets kind of redundant to read the same scene from multiple points of view but it often adds a level of understanding that is intriguing to find out about. For example, you get to see into the mind of the "bad guy". This was also very well done. The author paints a picture of a very sick individual but looking through his eyes and reading how his brain thinks almost makes you understand the motives behind his actions. Almost.

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Sara F. Hathaway
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