Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day After Disaster: Virtual Podcast Tour: An Unexpected Invitation and a Meeting With Doug Foresta

Virtual Podcast Tour Day #6 Journal Entry

Woo hoo! I got an invitation to appear on "Today's Leading Women" Podcast hosted by Marie Grace Berg and I didn't even send out a request to appear there (this interview airs 6/16/15)! I received an email invitation outlining the success of the show and past guests. The email had a link to set up a booking. Living on the west coast the times were very difficult for me to fit into my schedule. Most of the times available were at 5am and I am not very chatty at 5am. I finally found a time on her schedule that would work for me and got signed up.

Then I received a confirmation email with a list of general questions and an example of podcast flow. This was a lot different experience than setting up the interview with James. I have never even talked with this podcast owner. I am not sure how she found out about me or if she has any interest in reading my book at all. But when opportunity knocks you have to grab it. It will be a nice addition to the tour and I will be ready!

Lessons Learned:
  • Some podcast hosts will not want to talk to you ahead of time.
  • Make sure your message is in line with the theme of the show before you agree to get on.
Hot Tips:
  • While it is important to grab opportunities make sure you will be alert and ready for the interview.
  • Follow the directions of the host exactly to get your interview setup. Different hosts will have different procedures.

Virtual Podcast Tour Day #9 Journal Entry

My heart is fluttering with nervousness as I contact Doug Foresta for the first time. I have my new headset with a quality mike ready to go. We will be connecting via Skype to record a training session for future authors to follow in my footsteps. I am excited to hear his ideas about where to look for more podcasts and honored to take a leading role in his and D'vorah's mission to help other authors and entrepreneurs get their work out to the world.

Lessons Learned From Doug:
  • Talk to someone with a similar message or Google them and see where they have been interviewed in the past.
  • Go to ITunes, Sticher, Blog Talk Radio and search top shows, shows in your niche, and writing or author shows. Does the show have guests interviews? Then it would probably be worth applying to.
Hot Tips:
  • Don't only look in your niche. Keep an open mind and see if your theme can be melded with theirs.
  • Make sure that the interviewee with a message that is similar to your wasn't interviewed to recently. If they were the host may not take you because they won't want to run very similar shows within too short of a time period.

Are You Interested In Going on Your Own Virtual Podcast Tour?

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