Monday, July 13, 2015

Survival Pin of the Month #5: The Cinderblock Fire

This pin is a great little idea! Unfortunately we don't know who the original poster of this pin but whoever it was had a great idea. I always love getting the bo-bo, po-po, poo-poo (or whatever your local Chinese food restaurant calls it) platter. The food comes with a sizzling fire to roast your meat over. It's so interactive and fun for everyone. Now imagine this type of interaction at a party. Guests can design their own kabobs and roast them over a series of cinder block fires. Now how fun would that be?

Of course as a person who is always thinking of survival I had to pick this gem of a pin out. It would be so easy to get a fire going, either with charcoal, embers from another fire or sticks piled into the block. You could cook strips of meat over the top. The fire would stay small and unnoticed but the heat that is transferred into the concrete would be most welcome on a cold night.

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Sara F. Hathaway
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