Friday, October 24, 2014

Great Gear Find on:

As someone interested in survival techniques I have absolutely fallen in love with This site is a wealth of information on everything you can possibly think of. I now use it as my book mark tool for everything I find on the web worth saving and I even have a board there which gives you a sneak peak into what I am researching for the sequel to Day After Disaster.

I found the picture of the bags in the upper left hand image posted above when I first started my survival board. I have been filling this board with lots of goodies and decided to go back and do some investigating. This particular image did not have a link so I typed in to find out what they were all about. I am so glad I did! This site is filled with all kinds of awesome survival gear. Not only that, they have very comprehensive reviews of every product they have posted there along with links to places you can purchase the item for a great price. These guys are doing a fantastic job of presenting all the details you would want to know on boots, pants, guns, gear and so much more. Hats off to this blogger!

The bags that I had found, so long ago, are not only great packs they also holster your gun and provide you with access to your pouches while on the move. Think I may be asking Santa for a set of these for Christmas.

Please visit this site will not disappoint!

Sara F. Hathaway
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