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Survival Foraging: Curly Doc


  • This plant may grow as high as four feet or higher. It has pointy, basil-like leaves that are commonly curled at margins.
    • The leaves that alternate up the stem are smaller but there are more of them.
    • They have a red inner vein in the winter
  • June to September 
    • The roots of this plant are usually yellowish when you cut in half
    •  Plants usually have a bright red seed stalk that bear long terminate clusters of small greenish-white flowers above the rest of the plant. When flowers grow to maturation they turn a rusted red color as well.


  • This plant is high in iron
  • the leaves are usually gathered in  early spring and can be prepared and eaten just like spinach.


  • This plant can be a laxative or a anti-diarrheal depending on the amount taken.
    • 1tsp. ground root to 1 cup boiling water. Steep 2-3 min. (the longer it steeps the more anti-diarrheal it becomes; for laxative steep only one minute) 
    • take 2-3 cups a day
  • It is an astringent (medicine that closes pores); this also will inhibit and arrest the spread of ringworm.
    • use crushed fresh leaves and apply as a poultice
  • It is an antiscorbutic (fights scurvy)
    • syrup: boil 1/2 lb of crushed root in one pint of natural syrup
    • use 2-3 tsp. per day

Attention Use At Your Own Risk

I am not medically trained in anyway. I am simply a student. I read and experiment with ancient herbal techniques. I am simply passing on the knowledge I have gained from studding many texts on the subject and I am in no way responsible for anything you do with this information. For a listing on the books that I have compiled knowledge from visit:!saras-survival-stuff/c1mzf

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