Monday, August 10, 2015

Pin of the Month #7: Women's Self Defense

The pin for this month focuses on an issue I have been wanting to discuss for a long time. This image comes from They discuss some very useful ways to defeat an attacker as a female.

In a long term survival situation women will be the most vulnerable to aggression from the opposite sex. Many women do not realize that they are strong and fully capable of protecting themselves if need be. It just takes a little discipline, physical fitness and self-defense skills. There is no reason to feel vulnerable and there is no reason to assume the skills a woman brings to the long-term survival scenario are not as valuable as a man's.

This issue is one that has perplexed me for a while. I want women to feel confident and believe in themselves. I was going to write a long blog about this topic but my friend Dave at beat me to it and honestly I don't think I could have said it any better. Female or male, I highly recommend you click on the link I provided and read his article in it's entirety! Dave discusses some great points about women and their survival prospects in a long-term survival situation and every day life. He says that "no one can make you feel inferior without your permission." His facts about the status of women in many parts of the world today get you fired up but he doesn't want you to calm down. He wants you to take that anger and turn it into action. He gives suggestions for undoing the programming that society forces upon women by asserting yourself, strengthening your body, learning self defense, getting counseling from a counselor who is going to empower you rather than keep you down, dispelling fear, learning to eat better and not poison yourself, practicing cunning to win in a man's world, studying men to learn to lead them, developing a mantra that empowers you while you sing it from the roof tops and practicing meditation.

After you are done reading Dave's article and you are ready to get started, has some great tips. They discuss using your elbows to attack rather than your hands because they are much stronger and won't break as easily; how to use cunning to survive an elevator attack; using aresol spray for defense; learning to shout, attack, run; parking in the light; handling a robbery situation and carrying defensive items in your purse.

It is up to the woman of America and the world to protect themselves. We need to stand together and present a united front. I truly agree with Dave, it will be up to the women of the world to stand up and stop the atrocities plaguing man-kind.

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