Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Survival Fact & Fiction joins The Changing Earth Newsletter!

The Survival Fact & Fiction book club has found a new home on AuthorSaraFHathaway.com. You'll
find great fiction and non-fiction books. Plus some rock star survival content providers bringing you the best  podcasts, blogs, training and gear.

Survival Fact & Fiction really gives me the chance to repay the community for all of the great people I have met along my author journey. Click here to have a look. Eventually you will still be able to use www.survivalfactandfiction.com to go directly into the club.

Let me explain how the new layout. At the beginning of the month your newsletter will have a club blog with the new features for the month. If you want to share on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter (use#SFFBC) that would be great. That's it. Enjoy the great content!

Fiction Feature


Non-Fiction Feature



Happy Holidays! You Rock!