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Chickens! A Long-Term Survival Essential

Episode 73: Season 2 ep. 38

The Without Land adventure finds Erika and her team say goodbye to their old way of life and welcome a new adventure as well as a more diverse food options. Lisa and Dale Goodwin hosts of The Survivalist Prepper Podcast join us today to discuss raising chickens and why this is a survival essential.

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"Lord, protect her from the misdirection of those that would choose to harm her or her family for the sake of their own selfish needs."

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Chicken Lessons from Lisa

Chickens are a great animal to raise for your long-term survival needs. They don't take a lot of space and you can raise a ton of them as a community food source. They provide eggs and meat and are super easy to care for. All you need to do is make sure they have food, water and a clean environment. Don't name your birds that you intend on turning into food at some point. It will be hard to let them go when you have to. Chickens are most important because of the protein they provide. Protein helps to keep you full, even when you do not have a lot to eat. Start your day with lots of protein and you will find that you aren't so hungry during the day.

Chickens do carry potential diseases that you need to be aware of. Coccidiosis is a disease that baby chickens can carry and die from. Farm supply stores have a drink mix that contains electrolights and antibiotics to prevent this disease from killing your chicks. Chick feed that you buy at the feed store will often time have an antibiotic in it as well. This gives your chicks a healthy start. Chickens poop everywhere and can carry bacteria due to the interaction with their feces. There are also certain types of chicken flues that can attack chickens that are packed in too tight without access to an outdoor environment. Chickens are also a common carrier of salmonella which can make you horribly sick. You need can be exposed by touching live chickens or raw meat. Make sure you wash your hands after contact and cook chicken to the proper temperature every time.

Now you are ready to get your flock going! Baby chicks can be ordered from www.backyardchickens.com At this site you can research the breed you wand and choose a day to receive your chicks. For the babies you will need a brooder, water, and a feeder. You will need a heat source and a thermometer to make certain thesturdy enough to keep them safe at night and have a protected yard area.
temperature is right for them. Keeping them inside for a limited time will give you time to get a chicken house prepared. It doesn't need to be elaborate but it should be

In a long-term survival situation you are going to have to worry about people trying to commandeer or kill your chickens. You will need to provide your chickens with protection from humans as well as predators. You can camouflage your chicken house to keep it hidden from the wandering eye. Another good idea would be to keep it close to your home to ensure security. Maintaining a food supply for your chickens will be difficult and your chickens will slow egg production as the winter days shorten. Stock up on antibiotics. They will last for years, ensuring healthy chicks long into the future. Another idea may be stocking up on chicken starter food but you need to ensure it is safe from other animals that may find it tasty. You will need a good mommy chicken to raise the chicks since access to a heat lamp may be much more difficult.

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Dale and Lisa Goodwin

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 Sara F. Hathaway
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